A Disclaimer

Even though I refer to Rob Bell sometimes by name in my posts, I want to make it clear (since I realized that it may not be clear) that I have nothing against him as a person! I don’t know him, and even if I did, only God is his judge, not me. Perhaps I should be more careful in how I toss around his name. So far I’ve done it mostly for convenience.

I’m not dealing with Rob Bell, or whatever author’s book I’m writing about. I’m dealing with the ideas. Just as Jesus turns over the tables in the temple but does not turn over the money changers, I think we should turn over certain ideas, especially ones that are honeyed up enough to trick all but the most suspicious or careful of readers. This is the responsibility of whoever can do it. It’s for the good of everyone.

So, please give me grace as you read my posts if I’m clumsy and don’t make the distinction between my judgement of a person (not what I intend) and the judgement of an idea (certainly what I intend). I’m attacking ideas for the good of people, not the people who wrote those ideas.


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