This blog…

…is where I read popular books and point out stuff that’s wrong. Why am I qualified to do this? Well, I’m not really. I don’t think said qualification exists. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you agree with me after reading what I write. BUT:

I did go to a four year Great Books school where I read A TON of books that helped form the foundation of the Western world right now, and talked about those books in depth for four years, and did pretty well. We read science, math, literature, philosophy, learned languages and music, among other things. Basically, I learned to read well. Hopefully that will help me here.

Also, I’m in my last year of a Masters in Theological Studies degree from Duke Divinity School, often considered one of the best seminaries in the country. So, I’m hitting with the big boys, or something like that, in the field of theology. In other words, I have training. I know what other people are saying in the field of theology now and some of the history behind it. 

Why am I doing this? I think wrong stuff (factually wrong, logically flawed, etc.) exercises a sort of tyranny over our culture right now. Seeing is the first step to freedom. Hopefully, I will help you see, at least a little bit, and then perhaps I will help you learn to see on your own, and help others become free also.

If you’d like me to read a book or part of a book and write about it, message me!


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